Xanadu Havasupai Adventure

Havasupai Adventure: 

This Xanadu backpacking adventure takes place in the majestic Grand Canyon among a spectacular series of waterfalls in the western canyon. These waterfalls rival any tropical paradise in the world, and they are truly an anomaly in the desert southwest. An adventurous spirit is required for any who embarks upon this journey. Havasu Falls is the indigenous home of the Havasupai Tribe, who have lived here for over 800 years. There are no roads to Supai, and it is the only place in the US where mail is carried by pack mules.

The purpose of this retreat is to gather a group of extraordinary leaders, adventure seekers and nature lovers who share the passion of making a positive difference in the world. Let this be a platform for community and creative connectivity. Rejuvenate the mind, the body, the heart and soul on our 4 night / 5-day curated the experience. Join in daily yoga classes, and workshops, explore caves, jump off waterfalls, camp under the stars and fall asleep to the rush of the waterfalls.

————————–—— SCHEDULE ————————–——
Day 1 – Hualapai Hilltop Sunset Potluck & Campout
Day 2 – Moonlight hike into the canyon. Set up camp. Explore Mooney, Havasu
Day 3 – Beaver Falls Hike & night excursion
Day 4 – Hidden Falls & Navajo Falls
Day 5 – Helicopter out. Caravan home.

Accommodations: Camping, Running Spring Water, Restrooms
Distance Covered: 50 miles over the week
Level: Moderate to Challenging

All inclusive 

– Xanadu Tribe Adventure & Programming
– Havasupai Campspot Reservation
– Entrance Fee
– Entrance Permit
– Environmental Fee
– Local Sales Tax
– Insurance
– Adventure Swag bag with MREs, snacks, etc.
-10% Tribal Tax
– Yoga Classes (optional)
– CPR trained guides
*Does not include optional helicopter flight out Friday (additional $85 paid on site) 


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Is there drinking water or do I need to bring my own?

The campground has a spring where we will be drinking from. The water comes from deep in the earth and is full of minerals and safe to drink

Are there bathrooms?

Yes, bathrooms are in the campground and will be available during our trip

What about Trash?

What we pack in we pack out so be sure to pack with minimal throw aways as possible.

We will be going over No trace left behind in our pre-meeting