Our mission is to bring happiness and health into the lives of others. We hope to accomplish this by promoting five elements: Wellness, Education, Deep Connectivity, Nature Therapy and Green Living. We believe these elements are the ingredients needed to live a healthier, happier life. We encourage a life of mindfulness, play and participation, with the pursuit of a plastic-free planet. Experiencing Xanadu is not just a weekend escape–its a community and way of living your life.


Knowing that wherever you are, is exactly where you are supposed to be.

To slowing down, breathing deep, staying present.

Expressing gratitude for our mind, body, and life.

To connecting with yourself, with each other & with the earth.

To exploring the world, discovering people, sharing yourself, growing inward, learning every day and being your extraordinary.

To acknowledge that the imperfections are what makes us beautiful.

To see the beauty in everything and everyone.

To appreciate the magnificent sunrises & sunsets, the stars above us and the ocean around us.

To encourage random acts of kindness, genuine laughter, vulnerability, & deep connection.

To the journey, new adventures, new friends & celebrating one community in communion together under the sun!

How we ended up here

Escapism is not a new concept. More than ever, people are seeking ways to find liberation from dead-end jobs, unhealthy relationships, digital technology, and the hustle of city life. Co-founder Ryan found himself looking to detach from the LA nightlife circuit he built over the last 15 years. He sought an experience that was lasting and more meaningful. Depressed from the shallow and brittle lifestyle he was living, he was determined to find deeper & healthier connections with people. By happenstance, he met Heidi, a traveling yoga teacher dedicated to sharing her passion for adventure and wellness with everyone she met. The dynamic duo sought to create a community based on wellness, education, deep connectivity, and green living. Their motto is to “go deep not wide.”

Pillars Of Xanadu

Time is Valuable: Our existence on earth is limited. Enjoy life and take time to do the things you love with the people you love. Do things that matter. If you do something – commit to 100%  & do it with all your heart.

Deep connections: The more quality relationship you have, the happier and healthier your life.

Live with Nature: We believe nature is the best medicine for combating stress, depression, and anxiety. Cherish it, honor it and protect it.

Always Keep Learning: Learning equals progress, progress equals happiness. Teach others your knowledge and learn from other people’s mistakes as life is too short to learn from your own.

Take Action: Take control of your life. Take full responsibility for the things that happen to you. Limit bad habits and try to lead a healthier life. Find a hobby that makes you happy. Most of all, don’t procrastinate. Let your life be shaped by the decisions you made, not by the ones you didn’t.

Love Deeply: Appreciate the people around you. Don’t forget to tell them and show them how much you love them. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Make an Impact: Our wish is that we leave this world better than it was before us. Do something bigger than yourself. Giving is the best way to a life of happiness.

About Xanadu

Xanadu is a lifestyle brand who’s mission is to inspire wellness, education & green living through unique and playful experiences, for a happier healthier world.

Wellness is the full integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
With the power of knowledge we can prevent the destruction of the planet, our bodies and our minds.
Green Living for the planet gives our lives meaning.

Pillars Of Xanadu

  • Social Wellness

    The ability to establish and maintain positive relationships.

  • Enviromental Wellness

    The ability to make a positive impact on the quality of our environment, be it our homes, our communities or our planets.

  • Intellectual Wellness

    The ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences, and to seek challenges in pursuit of lifelong learning.

  • Physical Wellness

    The ability to recognize that our behaviors have a significant impact on our wellness.

  • Spiritual Wellness

    The ability to develop congruence between values and actions and to realize a common purpose that binds creation together.

  • Emotional Wellness

    The ability to acknowledge and share feelings in a productive manner.


We believe it’s important to always keep learning, to be curious, to read, listen, teach, & accept what you don’t know. Education helps to develop our perspective on the world around us and pushes us to think both creatively and conceptually. With knowledge, we can prevent the destruction of the planet, our bodies, and our minds.

Green Living

Green living ensures the resources that are required for the sustenance of diverse life on Earth never deplete. The way life is sustained in the world today is highly dependent upon resources such as minerals and oils, that are likely to drain out in the future. In the last 5 decades, there has been a 100% increase in the population, currently 6.974 billion, by 2100 the population will cross the 10 billion mark. If the very resources that sustain life on Earth are not conserved, there could be moderate or severe crises in future.


Xanadu is a catalyst for leaders, young professionals, and entrepreneurs to cross-pollinate ideas while cultivating meaningful conversations. Our events enable you to connect with others on a level that speaks to the heart.  It is our responsibility to shift the paradigm and instill positive change in the world for the well-being of the planet and our future generations.

Nature Therapy

Also known as ecotherapy, alleviates symptoms of depression, prevents the risk of developing mental health issues, improves energy, and boost overall well-being. Research has shown that people who spend more time outdoors don’t just have more energy for things they want to do, they are also more resilient to physical illnesses.