Connected. Centered. Community.

Never a truer statement describing Xanadu’s Silent Disco Yoga Social experience. Recently hosted at the upscale Pasea Hotel in Huntington Beach, it was an offering of luxe connectivity, mixed with a yogic rooftop club scene. An expanse of 200 yogis moving in a choreographed 90-minute yoga sequence, guided in unison by LED headphones linked to a live DJ and youthful, hip yoga instructors. All this surrounded by a panoramic view of the beach’s coastline.

It’s a refreshing take on a typical Saturday night out: imagine exchanging numbers for new hiking friends, in place of the hook-up. Compliments of one’s Down Dog technique, rather than their shoes. Or taking bar shots of vegan protein, hold the vodka. Not excluding those looking to get bashed–there’s always plenty of alcohol offered–but Xanadu’s rallying cry is wellness and growth, on a personal and global level.

It’s self-enlightenment in a seductive urban setting.

This new wave of “conscious, woke socializing” is enticing in this techno-cloistered society; Xanadu’s efforts for connectedness are easily recognized in its donations to coastal cleanups, group education on greener living, and hosting monthly socials to encourage community growth.

Look no further to experience a blissful high that’ll leave you with more than you came with–an opportunity to do more good.

By Melody Saradpon-Wong

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