14 Ways You Can Crush Plastic in Your Daily Life

  1. Carry a spare canvas bag for groceries or small items you might purchase throughout your day.
  2. Bring a reusable water bottle instead of buying a plastic one.
  3. Take a mug with you to work or class and ditch the plastic cups.
  4. Say no to plastic straws and utensils when eating out and bring your own stainless steel reusable ones.
  5. Use mason jars when grocery shopping to store all your bulk food items.
  6. Use cloth or reusable bags instead of produce bags when food shopping.
  7. Replace your plastic food storage bags with stainless steel tins or mason jars.
  8. DIY your own cosmetics instead of buying ones in plastic tubes.

9.Reduce plastic packaging in your cleaning routine by making your own natural cleaners.

10.Avoid microbeads in your exfoliating face or body wash.

11.Try DIY-ing your shampoo and conditioner instead of buying plastic bottles.

12.Switch to bar soap and shampoo to avoid plastic packaging.

13.Skip the plastic tube toothpaste and make your own!

14.Buy plastic-free beauty, hygiene, and cleaning products, like bamboo toothbrushes, plastic-free makeup brushes and natural material sponges.