SATURDAY, MAY 9th, 2020

Grab your friends, get in your best team spirit and embark with us on a classic Xanadu event with a whole new splash. We’re cruising to the newly renovated Two Harbors, Catalina Island on our big red 3-decker boat for a mega dose of sunshine and adventure! We will start off with mocktails, brunch bites, live music and entertainment on the boat as we cruise through the Pacific Ocean and say hi to our dolphin friends.

Once on the island, our run leader will pump you up, and blast you off on a quest through the beautiful island. Run with nature, down scenic trails, up mountains, through surprise obstacle courses along the glimmering ocean and finish with a splash.

After the run, pop in for a Sound Off™ powered yoga flow with our live DJ, embark on a guided kayak excursion around the coast or relax on the white sand beach in one of the oceanfront cabanas as you enjoy our Harbor Sands beach BBQ.

Just before sunset, jump back on the boat for the best dance party ever had in the middle of the ocean, or simply power down with a cool libation as we watch the sun dip into the ocean…It’s THE XANADU LIFE!



  • A full day of adventure
  • Round trip private charter 
  • 5k & 10k run or hike
  • Harbor Sands beach club
  • Sunset dance party

ADD-ON OPTIONS (available at checkout)

  • Cabanas & lounge chairs
  • Kayak excursion 
  • Sound Off yoga
  • Bag check


9:00 am Check-in & Boarding

9 am @ Catalina Classic Cruise

1046 Queens Highway
Long Beach, CA 90802
Located right next to the Queen Mary

Have your ID & e-ticket ready to go.
Receive a custom hand-made Xanadu bracelet (in lieu of a wristband) upon check-in.
If you purchased a Xanadu tank online, you’ll pick up that sweet number here.

There will be breakfast, fresh-pressed juice & other vendors on board!

Music starts at 9 am. The boat leaves at 10 am sharp.

Parking Day Rate: $18.00 (Carpool!)

Whale watching,  great music, familiar faces, and happy healthy vendors are all on board as we prepare you for the race. Get ready for a rockin’ good time!

10:00 am Cruise with Music

We sail at 10 am! With our open space 3 decker boat, there will be plenty to experience on this epic 2-hour cruise.

Our Dj’s will be pumping good vibes and energy on the outdoor sun deck.

Fuel up with breakfast from food vendors, get a mocktail or fresh-pressed juice.

Watch for dolphins, whales, and mermaids as you let the ocean breeze blow through your hair.

12:00 pm Island Arrival


Welcome to Two Harbors! Soak in the island vibes as you follow the music to Buffalo Park. Check your bags get settled in and rally your team and get ready to blast off for our 5K!

1:30pm 5k/10K Walk Hike Run

This 5K fires off in a blaze of glory that guarantees your outlook will be brighter, your heart will be bigger, your smile will be inescapable and your endorphins will make you feel like kissing someone! Get festive with your team, get fun, get silly, dress up! And who said floaties are just for kids?

This exhilarating trail run has several switchbacks, surprise Xanadu challenges, inclines, and beautiful ocean views. the trail is flat along the coast, rewarding you with breathtaking views of the glimmering ocean. Dodge buffalo and solve riddles as you wind through switchbacks, duck under trees and jump over rocks. Finally, blast through the finish line and why not keep going and make your splash in the ocean. With the cool island breeze in your hair and the hot sun on your back, be careful not to overdose on endorphins.

Wristbands & Registration

Attendees that take the Xanadu Cruise will receive their bracelet upon showing the receipt and entering the boat. You will receive a custom bracelet only obtainable through Xanadu events as you board the cruise, or check in on the island. Keep it on as this is your pass for the yoga, 5k, entry into the post-race party and pass back on to the boat. As much as you will want to stay on the island forever, we don’t want you to have to move in with the buffalos.

3:00 Kayak Excursion + Sound Off™ Yoga + Harbor Sands BBQ


As the sun sets & the day’s energy kindles, put on a pair of silent disco headphones & immerse yourself in a surround-sound yoga class infused with ocean views & melodic beats from our live DJ.
Included in your registration


Sign up for a refreshing kayaking adventure after the run during checkout, this excursion is guided to a secret water cave.


Comfortable beachfront seating to ensure you and your guest can release as much dopamine as you can

7:00 Sunset Cruise


Just before sunset, board back on the boat for the best dance party ever had in the middle of the ocean. Make sure you have your Xanadu bracelet, or you will have to paddle board back home.

Boarding @ 6:00pm. Arrive back to the mainland at 8:30 pm.

This might just be the best day of your life, but its just #TheXanaduLife